You might be someone finding the right tips for tooth extraction pain before or after tooth extraction. There are many reasons a dentist may recommend having your tooth or teeth removed. One main reason a dentist may recommend teeth extraction is if the tooth stands in the way of others. The second reason is if the tooth is so badly broken decayed that your dentist cannot repair the problem.

You will have pain and bleeding, no matter what the reasons are. Due to this, you need to take care of yourself so that you can have an easy time after the extraction. Some of the measures you can take for tooth extraction pain can be described in the following paragraphs.

As it is normal to bleed after tooth extraction, to stop the flow of blood, you should bite on a piece of cotton. Biting on a piece of cotton helps blood to clot faster. When biting, you should avoid biting too hard. This is because making a hard bite results in more pain. The followings are some helpful tips for tooth extraction pain.


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When taking drinks such as water or tea, you should use a straw. This is because using a straw minimizes the volume of liquid you draw into your mouth. Therefore, if the drink is hot, you will not feel as much pain as you would if you had taken the drink directly from a glass or cup.

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Sometimes the pain can be too much and you may be tempted to rub the injured area. You should not do this. This is because rubbing the area exposes the injured area more damage. Instead of rubbing the area, you should use wet and cold tea bags. The tea bags will safely relieve pain and at the same time stop bleeding.

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Once you feel that bleeding has stopped, you can rinse or gargle your mouth with warm salty water. Doing this helps you clean the mouth and get rid of any blood clots that may be stuck in the mouth. In addition, it aids in preventing bacterial infections that may develop in the exposed area.

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You should rest after tooth extraction. If you an employee or you run your own business, you can take one or two days off so that you can rest. In addition, if you are used to exercising, you can take a rest. In addition to resting, you should also drink plenty of soft protein rich drinks. These drinks help the injured area to heal faster. The drinks give you plenty of energy. You should avoid alcohol or spicy food. This is because both of these increase tooth extraction pain.

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If you are in an area where you cannot get access to the conventional antibiotics and painkillers, you can use guava leaves instead. All you need to do is to boil the guava leaves for 10-15 minutes and drink two or three glasses of the ‘soup’. When drinking the guava ‘soup’, you should ensure that the ‘soup’ is cold. Guava leaves are known for fighting against infections. In addition, they play a great role for tooth extraction pain.

Although, you should take all the necessary measures to ensure that you can effectively relive tooth extraction pain, you should note that a wound takes about six months to heal.