Tooth crown pain typically occurs due to a dental crown that does not sit on your tooth properly. A tooth-shaped cover made of porcelain or metal is known as a dental crown. Your dentist will place it on your tooth when having teeth problems.

A crown that is not placed correctly on the tooth can cause tooth pain crown. Therefore, the crown might increase bacteria around the gum tissues giving the tooth infection. If the crown is placed incorrectly, it can cause sensitivity in the surrounding teeth, or cause irritation  near the gum.

Tooth Pain Crown-Temporary Dental Crown

-Sticky foods might pull off or grab the crown, so avoid consuming chewy and sticky foods such as caramel toffees, chewing gum, etc.

– Take care of your crown. Do not use the side of your mouth containing the temporary crown. Stop using the mouth side treated. Instead, use another side that is not treated. This way you can feel comfortable.

-Hard foods like raw vegetables can make your crown break, so avoid consuming them.

-Your crown might be pulled off if you lift the floss out. Instead, you should slide the flossing material out when you clean your teeth.crowns-300x245 (1)

Severe Tooth Pain Crown

The severe tooth pain crown you experience is often due to the waste materials being lodged under your gum. For example, popcorn usually makes the problem worse. If you feel pain when chewing or biting, chances are you are experiencing a sore. If you experience bad taste or smell, do not delay to treat the condition immediately. Your tooth pain crown can be a big problem if untreated.

Tooth Pain Crown Relief

Many things you can do to reduce the condition. Some are effective methods when experiencing such a problem. If any of the following methods do not work for you, contact your dentist. Here are several aids you can try at home to relieve your tooth pain crown:

– An over-the-counter painkiller like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Neurofen, Advil) will help.

– To reduce the pain, you may use warm water to rinse your mouth as required.

– If waste materials cause the pain, wash your cavities gently to relieve the pain.

-Flossing your teeth and then moving a toothpick around your gum line can help you eliminate the debris

– Clove oil easily available in supermarkets and pharmacies works great to reduce tooth pain crown.

-Once lost a crown, you should first dip a piece of cotton in clove oil, and then use it to the affected part of the tooth. You might apply a topical anesthetic. Such as a topical anesthetic could be Anbesol you can buy easily at your nearest pharmacy, or online.

-To reduce the tooth pain crown, apply an ice pack on your face affected most. Make sure the ice pack you apply for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes. You need to repeat the process 4 to 5 times a day.

– When you travel by air, you might feel the tooth pain crown due to change in pressure, so you must undergo dental treatment before the air travel you want to make.