Severe tooth pain is one of the most common complaints which people hear about these days. With the growing number of options in the variety of candies, chocolates and even food items, more and more people, especially children happen to be complaining about tooth decay, severe tooth pain, and other such like dental problems.

Most of us would understand that dental problems do not occur because of the quantity of eatables we consume, they occur due to excessive intake of sugary substances and the lack of proper oral hygiene. However there are certain truths about oral problems which have come to light with some of the recent researches which have been conducted in the field of oral hygiene and dentistry.

It may be surprising for some of us, however recent researchers have found out that toothache is not always a result of lack of oral hygiene; many times the reason for severe tooth pain could be an injury of the jaw,  or any kind of infection which may be stemming from the roots of the teeth, problem with the sinus or even issues which could be pertaining to the heart.

As a general thought, whenever someone happens to complain of severe tooth pain, we assume that one is having problems due to lack of hygiene which resulted in cavities or weak gums etc.; however it is important to know that such severe tooth pain could be an indication of something much more than just a dental cavity.images (4)

Once a person begins to have severe tooth pain, it is best to consult a dentist who can carefully examine the problem and prescribe the required medicines.  It is always advisable to consult a specialist rather than trying self-medication in such situations.

In most cases where kids are involved, we can be more or less sure that the underlining reason of the severe tooth pain could be the consumption of chocolates and candies followed by irregular or incomplete brushing of the teeth.

However when it comes to adults there could be many reasons which result in such severe tooth pain. People could be suffering due to minor holes in their teeth which we commonly refer to as Cavities; they could be having puss formation at the roots of their teeth which causes infection within the gums and results in a tooth ache.  Another reason could be weak gums which may not cause pain in a specific tooth but may cause problems in an entire region of the mouth which might actually involve a few teeth together.

Apart from these reasons which are actually originating from the mouth and affecting the mouth and teeth, there could be many more reasons which need careful and detailed examination by the dentist and may also require the involvement of an ENT(Ear Nose and throat) specialists or a good cardiologist in some cases. So rather than assuming that dental problems are solely related to the teeth, it is best to ensure that we consult the dentist and let him do a thorough examination before prescribing the solution for such a excruciating toothache.