How to stop tooth pain is the most common thing today. A tooth pain comes for only one reason, dental problem. Most time when extreme pain you feel, you are greatly disturbed and irritated. Tooth pain can affect all of your activities. It prevents you from getting any job done. Knowing how to stop tooth pain can save your day. How to stop tooth pain quickly at home can help you find a great relief in minutes.

How to stop tooth pain -Tooth pain self-care at home

  • Once you get tooth pain, relieve it immediately. Here are some helpful techniques you can use to alleviate the pain:
  • Gently massage the affected area with a bit of pressure. Apply hot or cold compress to numb the nerves. The temperature will help the surrounding gums to relax and relive how to stop tooth pain.
  • Take mild painkillers such as paracetamol or Ibuprofen. These medications you can buy over the counter so they are safe to use. Just follow the directions carefully before the use.
  • Tooth drops are available. You may use it in emergency cases when the pain is intolerable. This could help a lot. Go to your dentist for a dental check up.
  • Do not take hot or cold drinks on how to stop tooth pain. Gargle lukewarm water, instead. Lukewarm water relieves the pain. If brushing is impossible, use mouthwash to keep bacteria from infecting your teeth.
  • Go to your dentist right away. The pain becomes more complicated with some diseases. It is still best to consult your dentist about it. Topical pain relievers may work for a while but they are not reliable cure. You may use them for a quick and short relief.                                                     images (10)

Homemade remedies on how to stop tooth pain such as a slice of garlic can give a quick relief. You may use this if drug stores are not available close to your area. Cranberries are also a great pain reliever. There are many other natural remedies to use to stop a toothache. However, you have to have the proper knowledge to use them correctly.

One of the main causes of tooth pain is tooth decay. Although, many commercial products for tooth care, numerous people suffer from tooth decay problem. Preventing it from coming is the most effective way to avoid tooth pain. Here are the things you have to do to keep your teeth healthy, strong, and painless on how to stop tooth pain.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Bacteria in your mouth eat food debris. They release acid waste that harms the teeth. To prevent this, you have to keep your teeth clean.
  • Floss properly on how to stop tooth pain. Brushing is not enough. There are plaques hidden in the crevices and in-between the teeth. Brushing cannot reach these areas. Flossing is important to keep your teeth clean.
  • Gargle mouthwash. Mouth wastes have antibacterial properties. They finish of your dental hygiene regimen. Some mouthwashes have antiseptics. You may use them if you have mouth blister on how to stop tooth pain fast at home.