Tooth implant pain a frequently heard complaint occurs due to a dental implant surgery. The permanent tooth replacement technique can help you make your teeth very similar to natural teeth. In this process, your dentist can replace both the top layer and the root.

It is natural to feel dental pain during the initial few days or one week after the dental surgery. However, you must go to your dentist for treatment if this tooth implant pain does not disappear even after a few weeks.

Tooth Implant Pain

A normal concern among the patients deciding to undergo the dental implant procedure is the pain. Dental implants involve surgery. Such a surgery is an annoying procedure for someone that had experienced the process.

As per the facts, simple implants cause less pain than the surgical extraction procedure if done correctly. Simple implants would not even cause any pain after operation.

If your dentist follows the right method to control the infection properly during the surgery, you might not even require antibiotics for post-surgery infections.

How to Relieve tooth implant pain

The easiest way to reduce pain is the consumption of painkillers. Usually your dentist will give you some medicine once the procedure is done.

The tooth implant pain will not come always seriously. Your dentist will decide if you need high dose pain relievers. Sometimes you may need to use those high dose painkillers upon your dentist recommendation.

A common tooth implant pain reliever often prescribed is Ibuprofen. Always avoid over consumption of painkillers and only consume the amount prescribed. In addition, keep in mind that if you reduce your pain with a pain-reliever steadily, the infection might spread becoming life threatening, consult a doctor, and follow his recommendation.              images (3)


How to Relieve Tooth Implant Pain with Home Remedies

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You may also apply simple home remedies to reduce the discomfort and swelling in the mouth. For instance, you only need to place an ice bag on your face outside your mouth to ease the swelling of your cheek or lips. With placing the bag of ice on the affected regions immediately after the surgery, you may enjoy more benefits.

If you use the initial 2 hours after the dental surgery, you would see the great results. So, never waste your time after surgery and immediately apply ice bags on the affected regions.

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Another important tip is that you must avoid eating solid foods after a dental implant. Totally avoid solid foods and always prefer soft or liquid foods. From the first day, consume yogurts, vegetable soups, or ice creams. You can gradually add solid food items in your diet. Consult your dentist before changing your diet.

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You may gently rinse your mouth with hot salt water to heal the gum that becomes tender due to surgery. Add one-tablespoon salt to one cup of hot water. In the next step, hold the solution in your mouth. Now, gently move your head so the solution goes into your mouth smoothly.