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With the right toothpaste brands, you can keep your teeth healthy. Many dental diseases you can prevent only choosing the right toothpaste brands. High quality toothpaste brands do not mean that they will cost you a lot. The main goal to keep teeth disease free is choosing one of the best toothpaste brands.

Choosing the right brands sometimes could be a daunting task. You need to be knowledgeable about the brands. Not all brands work similarly. They are designed for different purposes. This article aims to help choose the right toothpaste brands that best suit for you and your family.

Look for fluoride when choosing the right toothpaste brands

You should look at the amount of fluoride in the toothpaste. Fluoride has been proven to decrease tooth decay and

risks of developing cavities. To ensure that you are fully protected, you should look for toothpaste that has the recommended amounts of fluoride. Ideal fluoride levels should be between 0.1 and 0.6 percent.

Choose American Dental Association approved toothpaste brands

The ADA is one of the best regulatory bodies in the world. Due to this, the American Dental Association  is one of the best resources you can get help regarding the best toothpaste for you and your family. The association usually has the best scientist and officers who thoroughly analyze a product before they approve it. When buying your toothpaste, you should ensure that it has the approval of the association.

Tartar Control Toothpaste Brands

Due to the large number of companies who produce different toothpastes, it is common to get confused when choosing the  best toothpastes you should buy. You should note that different companies produce toothpastes intended for different purposes. There are toothpastes for whitening the teeth and others for controlling tartar on your teeth.

Such toothpaste brands usually contain pyrophosphates as the active ingredient. Usually, you will find them being advertised as ‘tartar control’ toothpastes. The active ingredient usually aids in preventing tartar buildup on the teeth. According to research, the toothpastes reduce buildup of tartar up to one-third.

 Whitening Toothpaste Brands

Whitening toothpastes usually aid in maintaining white teeth after teeth have been bleached. Unlike the popular belief that the toothpastes contain bleach, research has shown that they do not contain any types of toothpastes that have bleach. It can weaken your teeth. Therefore, if you want to bleach your teeth, you should not use whitening toothpastes. Instead, you should visit your dentist and he will advise you on what to do.

Sensitive Toothpaste Brands

In addition to teeth whitening and tartar control toothpastes, there are also sensitive toothpastes. These toothpastes are aimed at people who usually have tooth problems such as grinding, making brushing uncomfortable and painful. Research has shown that these toothpastes are usually very effective.

Understand Your Family Needs

To ensure that you do not get confused on what toothpastes you should buy, you should understand your family needs. If you are unsure of your family needs, you should ask your dentist who will advise you. If your family needs to whiten their teeth, you should buy teeth whitening toothpaste brands.

With Peroxide/ Baking Soda

When buying your toothpaste, you may come across a toothpaste advertising that may  have baking soda or peroxide. Before you make a purchase, you should realize that there is no clinical evidence these ingredients have any effects on your oral health. The reason why many people use baking soda is that it feels less abrasive than regular toothpastes.

Considering the above factors, you will be able to choose one of the best toothpaste brands.