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Broken tooth pain may be continuous or may come and go. Broken teeth can be painful, especially when a nerve is affected. Teeth break due to various reasons. There are many things to do for your broken tooth pain.  Broken tooth pain can be acute with cold or hot foods. Here is a complete guide for broken tooth pain relief you are looking for!

 Once you have broken a tooth, you should go to your dentist immediately and the dentist will guide you on what to do. If you are a distance away from your dentist and you cannot get to them immediately, you need to take care of the broken tooth so you have as minimal pain as possible. Before you see your dentist, here are a few things that you can do.

If the broken teeth are bleeding, you should use gauze to stop the bleeding. When using the gauze, you should use just minimum pressure to avoid causing more broken tooth pain to yourself.

Avoid Eating Hard Foods

Chewing hard foods will result in pain, which will worsen your condition. When you have a broken tooth, you should stay away from hard foods such as nuts, corn and others. Instead of hard foods, you should eat soft food. It would be much better, if you could blend your food into a juice and take it.

Avoid Too Hot or Too Cold Foods

Temperature affects the tooth’s nerves, and too high or too low temperatures can result in broken tooth pain. When taking food, you should ensure that the food is at room temperature. This way, you will not irritate tooth’s nerves; as a result, you will not experience any pain. On the same note, you should avoid too sugary or too acidic foods. This is because just like temperature, these foods will irritate the tooth’s nerves resulting in pain.


If you have any food particles between your teeth, you should try to remove it by flossing. Food particles attract bacteria, which release toxins causing you a toothache. To eliminate the bacteria, you need to remove the food particles.

Dental Cement

Dental cement can be very helpful to you if you get your hands on it. Dental cement is similar to the filling material used by dentists to fill dentures. Dental cement fills the broken tooth therefore; the nerves are no longer exposed to open air. As the nerves are not exposed to the air, nerves are not irritated so you do not feel broken tooth pain.

Gargle With Warm Salt Water

The salt water is perfect for killing bacteria that may be found in the affected area. To achieve the best results, guzzle the salt water at least three times a day.

If the broken tooth pain persists, you should rush to the dentist. Depending on the condition of the broken tooth, the dentist may recommend a coating, tooth implant, bonding, cosmetic contouring, or a dental crown. In some cases, the dentist may be left with no option other than to remove the broken tooth. Following the above guidelines can help you greatly relieve your broken tooth pain simply.